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Vastu Consultancy

 With the growth of construction industry, Vaastu has also become an essential requirement for the site selection & construction. Home or Industry according to vastu is a value-addition. More than 75 per cent of the people today wish to have their home to be vaastu friendly. Not only home, but offices, commercial centre as well as malls made as per the vaastu shastra are high in demand. We offer vastu shastra consultancy services for buildings, commercial buildings, homes, bungalow, apartments, commercial apartments, residential apartment and offices.

Direction Deity Purpose
East Indra Grants wealth and pleasures of life
North-East Ishwar Grants wisdom, knowledge and comfort
North Kuber Grants wealth and comfort
North-West Vayu Grants health and longevity
West Varun Grants prosperity
South-West Nissan Eradicates fear of enemies
South Yamraj Eradicates evil
South -East Agni Grants pleasant personality
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