54 percent believed that it is most important to work on public transport here, 36 percent insisted on increasing the green belt




More than 100 urban planners in the country have joined, and attention will have to be given to renewable energy to save from the effects of climate change

More than 100 urban planners from different parts of the country came to Indore on Friday to inaugurate the Regional Center of the Institute of Town Planners of India. In a survey, when asked about the priority of Indore, 54% agreed that public transport should be used to ease the traffic here. But a lot of work is needed. There 36% of experts insisted on increasing the green belt.
4.5% expressed the need to fix the water supply system and the same number of experts told the need to improve residential areas and work on affordable housing. In the survey, experts shared their views on protecting cities from the effects of climate change, an essential part of metropolitan city planning, from financial instruments to artificial intelligence (AI) in urban planning. Delhi’s Neetika Krishnan also gave a presentation on making Indore a metropolitan region

Cities will have to promote Public Private Partnership to improve their financial condition

1) What is the best way to prevent the effects of climate change in Indian cities?

  • 44% Sustainable transport Public transport, cycling, walking etc.
  • 31% use of renewable energy sources
  • Energy efficiency of 06% buildings should be increased
  • Energy efficiency of 06% buildings should be increased
  • 06% better method of waste management should be adopted
  • 11% Preventing air pollution by increasing greenery, providing carbon dioxide Reduce

2) What is the most important part of metropolitan city planning?
• 45% land use
• 36% economic development
• 18% accessible public transport, roads and other infrastructure
• 0% population density

3) What can be the best financial instrument for planning the development
of cities in India?
• Public Private Partnership …………..75%
• tax increment financing ……………….15%
• Social Impact Bond ……………………5%
• Municipal Bond …………………………5%

4) What is the most important improvement to be made in the urban
Planning of Indore city?

Improving public
transport and easing traffic

It is very important to
improve the existing
system of water supply.

Increase in green zone, control on air
pollution, activities of Amod Pramod

residential areas and
affordable housing

5) Is the use of AI right in town planning?

• 66% found AI Useful in building predictive models of urban growth.
• 18.75% believe if implemented to improve transportation It Will be good
• 13.33% Fear a danger of replacing humans in Decision making


Source: Dainik  Bhaskar