double-decker bridge at Lavkush Chauraha




Tender is done; it will start soon. 18 double deckers at Luvkush’s six-lane bridge work


Will be built in 18 months, will be 1 km long, and will benefit 15 to 20 thousand commuters daily between Indore and Ujjain.


The work on the double-decker bridge at Lavkush Chauraha will start soon. The tenders that were issued were 1, for which a contractor has bid Rs 146 crore. This tender will be placed on the agenda for the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indore Development Authority in a day or two. If approved, then further processes will be started. This six-lane bridge will be 980 metres long. There will be a condition of being ready 18 months after the commencement of work. The IDA has estimated the cost of the bridge at Rs. 136 crore.


That’s why this flyover is special.


  • The maximum benefit of this flyover will be for 15 to 20 thousand daily commuters traveling between Indore and Ujjain.


  • Due to the big junction at the intersection, there is a long jam on the signal because, on the one hand, the traffic from Indore to Ujjain and, on the other hand, the traffic from MR-10 to the Super Corridor is confused. There will be relief from the traffic jam.


  • The weekend and every Monday, as well as Shipra Snan on Amavas, Poonam, and Mahakal Lok, are visited by a large number of devotees. They will also be relieved.


  • The intersection is currently a black spot. Road accidents happen here on a daily basis. Control over accidents to a great extent as soon as the bridge is built.


  • 15 to 20 minutes will be left at the signal.


Bridge work is underway on MR-10-Super Corridor Lane on Lavkush.


Meanwhile, the bridge work is going on in the part of MR-10 to the Super Corridor at Lavkush Chauraha. So far, foundations have been laid for nine pillars. The rebar structures for the pillars have also been cast. The purpose behind starting work in three shifts is also that the work of digging the land should be completed before the rains start. That’s why it’s 12 in the night to 6 in the morning. Its shift has also started. Excavation is also being done for pillars in this area.


Not levelled on Khajrana


The statue was shifted a month ago at the Khajrana intersection. The foundation was also broken, but it was not leveled. There is no rotary statue, and even after this, people have to take out the vehicle only after circumambulating it. Vehicles are unable to move fast when the signal is green.


Patchwork is not done on Bhanwar Kuan.


Vehicles coming from any direction are not able to gallop when the signal is green at the Bhanwarkuan intersection. The excavation was done in the middle square. Its filling work was done. Because of this, the vehicle moves ahead and then has to slow down. For this reason, even after receiving the green signal two to three times, they are not able to leave.

Source – Dainik bhaskar