Bhanwarkuan, Khajrana, Footi Kothi and Lavkush intersection on Monday

11 July 23

All the four flyovers will stand on single pillars, there will be no traffic jam due to sufficient space below


Many such techniques are being used in the flyovers being constructed at Bhanwarkuan, Khajrana, Footikothi, and Lavkush crossroads, due to which the bridges will not only be built on time but will also save a lot of space on the road. The technology that is being used in the country and around the world is also being used here. All the bridges are being erected on single pillars on the tracks of the metro. The biggest advantage of this would be that two- and four-wheelers would be able to get maximum space under the bridge. +1 Construction with pre-cast technology


According to Chairman Jaipalsingh Chavda, pre-cast technology is being used on all privates. Under this, only pillars will be constructed at the site. The girder will be manufactured in the factory, after which it will be placed directly on the spot through a crane. Metro tracks are also being constructed in the same way.


An earthquake will not affect


According to CEO Ramprakash Ahirwar, Indore has been kept in Zone 3 in case of an earthquake. Indore is also sensitive in this matter. Tremors have also been felt many times in the villages around the city. The piling of all the bridges has been done in such a way that an earthquake will not affect the bridge. Steel girders are being installed, which will be strong.


Foundation prepared in Khajrana and Footikothi


  • Soil testing was done before construction at the Khajrana and Footikothi intersections. The land here turned out to be stony. That’s why, when the work started here, the base was quickly found to establish the foundation of the pillar. That’s why, after digging here, pillars started to be made quickly.




Atul Seth, Architect


With this technology, construction will be faster, the number of pillars will be halved, and traffic will be smoother.


Due to not doing all the work together at the construction site, there will be no spread of material. Due to this, there will be no problem with the movement of traffic. If the girders come straight from the factory, then they will only have to be launched with the help of a crane. Metro tracks are generally prepared with this technique. Due to this, construction is done faster, and traffic is also not affected. Being a single pillar, there will be enough space for vehicles under the bridge. It can be understood from the example of the Bhanwarkuan intersection that the bridge will be constructed in both lanes with the help of only 18 pillars. Had the bridge been built on the lines of Piplyahana, 36 pillars would have had to be erected, due to which most of the AB Road would have come under the bridge.


  • 18 months is the deadline to complete all four bridges.


  • All four flyovers will have six lanes.


  • Khajrana flyover will be 850 metres long.


  • Bhanwarkuan flyover will be 650 metres long.


  • Footi Kothi Flyover will be 625 metres long.


  • Luv Kush Chauraha’s flyover will be 716 metres long.


Source – Dainik Bhaskar

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