Startup Complex; Environment friendly building will be like hi-tech village




Big brands of the country and the world will be brought in shopping complexes and shopping malls.

Three models of the startup complex to be built near the 8 lane bridge on the Super Corridor. Project Management Consultant (PMC) Indore has Development of authority of the board of directors presented before Were. one of these finalize the model Is done.

It will take shape near 08 lane bridge

The startup complex is to be built at a cost of Rs 450 crore. This in itself will be no less than a hi-tech village. The entire project will be divided into three zones. According to Chairman Jaipal Singh Chavda, the entire project has been divided into three zones.

 Each block will also have its own separate parking.

Each block will also have its own separate parking. The parking capacity will also be so much that no disorganized parking will be seen outside. The building will operate on solar system. All the blocks will operate completely on solar system. The walls will also be such that they will start generating electricity as soon as sunlight falls on them. A level beyond the green building concept will be built in this project. There is no such big project for a startup anywhere in Central India. To finalize its design IDA also took advice from successful startups of the city. Incubation center will also be established in this project. At present there is an incubation center in Anandvan located in Scheme-140. It will be started in June. IDA has made preparations to issue tender for its operation. It will be operated on the lines of no profit-no loss. Rs 2 crore 75 lakh has been spent on this project. 51 young entrepreneurs will be able to take their startup forward through this centre.

there will be 3 zones

• Zone-1: There will be 2 buildings, which will be identified as Startup Park.

• Zone-2: There will be convention center and five star hotel. There will be two blocks in this zone. A convention center will be built right in front of the hotel.

• Zone-3: IT building and shopping complex will be built in it. The shopping complex will remain like a shopping mall, in which big brands from the country and the world will be brought.