Footi Kothi Crossroads Bridge: 17 pillars built between six lanes, now girders will be launched




Target has been set to complete it in 18 months, work started in June.

A total of 17 pillars are ready in the middle for the six lane flyover being built at Footi Kothi intersection. Pier caps have also been made on 10 out of these 17 pillars. Now preparations are being made for girder launching on these 10 pillars. According to Engineer Rajiv Saxena, a total of 28 girders are to be launched. Out of these, 18 are ready. A 610 meter long bridge is to be built. It is being prepared at a cost of Rs 49 crore. In comparison to Bhanwarkuan and Khajrana, work on this intersection started in June. Despite this, the work here is being completed rapidly.

This flyover is being built 610 meters long.

It is being prepared at a cost of Rs 49 crore.

The work was expedited: 17 out of 20 pillars were ready within 6 months. It did not take much effort to prepare the pillars of this flyover. Since the ground was rocky, the foundation was built quickly. This is the reason why 17 out of 20 pillars were completed in just 6 months. At this intersection too, the bridge is being built in such a way that there will be no pillar in the middle at the intersection to go to Footi Kothi from Ranjit Hanuman Temple.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar