Efforts are being made to start traffic in the next two months by first preparing one lane like Khajrana.




Work on double decker along with flyover at Lavkush intersection also gained momentum.

Flyovers are being constructed by the authority at four major intersections, in which efforts are being made to open one lane of Khajrana flyover in the next two months, similarly the one at Lavkush intersection.

Sarv will get authorization done for underviz also.

There is a flyover and one lane of it will be ready by the end of March. At present, the construction of four lane flyover is going on at this intersection for the last 6 months, while the authority has also started the work of double decker bridge. The railing installed on this road was also removed recently, because currently a part of the road has been closed due to the construction of a flyover.

On the other hand, the road had become narrow due to the railings in the other part, due to which the railings installed for the left turn of the vehicles turning towards MR-10 have also been removed, so that the main road can be widened a little. Also in the flyover being built by the authority at Bhanwarkuan intersection.

The work of burning the statue is to be done today, so the instructions given by the Collector during his inspection recently to shift the obstructing temple here will also be implemented soon. At the same time, one lane of Khajrana flyover is also being prepared first, on which efforts are also being made to start traffic after the next two months, because there is a lot of traffic pressure at this intersection and currently the flyover is not operational.

Due to construction, there is traffic jam every day in the evening. On the other hand, construction of two flyovers is going on simultaneously at Lavkush intersection. The first four-lane flyover, work on which started six months ago, will connect the super corridor to MR-10. That means it will be easy to go to the airport and super corridor directly from MR 10. Currently, vehicles have to stop at the intersection for a long time. The authority also started the work of double decker at Lavkush intersection recently. According to Chairman Jaipal Singh Chavda, the work of this double decker bridge will also be completed within the stipulated time. At the same time, efforts are also being made to start one lane on the four-lane overbridge by the end of March.