Indore is a city in central India that is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant shopping scene.

Indore’s traditional markets developed around Rajwada in the mid- 19th century.The markets still stand and flourish today. Some Famous Markets include:

  • Cloth Market
  • Shastri market
  • Bohra bazar(hardware)
  • sarafa bazar( gold and silver)
  • Khajuri Bazar(books)
  • Marothiya Bazar( spices)
  • Pipli Bazar(Utensils)
  • Adda Bazar(everyday items)

Indore has a vibrant culture of food, from famous ratlami sev to poha,it’s filled with sweetshops, cafes and restaurants.

  • 56 Dukan
  • Sarafa night street food
  • Vijaynagar are the trending food

In recent years, new markets have emerged in other parts of the city. Currently, the major Hotspots for commercial offices and shops are:

  • MG Road
  • Vijaynagar
  • Area Around Bombay Hospital Road
  • AB Road between LIG and Satya Sai Square
  • Scheme 140
  • MR 10 I Area Around Super Corridor

New markets are developing in outer areas as the city is expanding. Some of them are:

  • Nipania
  • Bypass Road
  • Area Around the phoenix citadel Mall
  • Annapurna road

These are just a few of the many retail areas in Indore. Whether you are looking for traditional Indian goods or modern products,for wholesale or retail, you are sure to find something that appeals to you in this vibrant city.