Divyesh Kothari




Divyesh Kothari is a young and dynamic realtor who is the third generation of his family to work in the real estate industry. He is a pass out of Shishukunj and a gold medalist in B.Tech Civil engineering, showcasing his academic excellence and dedication to his craft. Divyesh’s family has a legacy of successful real estate ventures, and he is proud to be standing on the shoulders of giants, learning from the experiences of his dada and papa. With his passion for the industry and expertise in his field, Divyesh is determined to lead the business to new heights and expand collaborations, using his skills to build on the foundation established by his forefathers. As a member of BNI, Divyesh has developed a network of contacts in the industry, which he uses to benefit his clients. He takes pride in providing exceptional service and building long-term relationships with his clients, which is a testament to his commitment to the industry. With his energy, passion, and dedication, Divyesh is a rising star in the real estate industry and a valuable asset to his clients.