Hemant Kothari




Hemant Kothari is a well-established figure in the property consultancy industry, having started his career in 1986. With over 35 years of experience, he has become a trusted advisor to both clients and developers alike. He has established a reputation for being a reliable and knowledgeable realtor, backed by a strong track record of satisfied customers.His first office was located in Bansi Plaza, and he has since expanded his business to cover a wide range of properties across various locations. He is a first-generation realtor and has built his business from the ground up through his dedication and hard work.His educational background includes a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Master of Arts (MA) from DAVV, which has helped him to navigate complex legal and regulatory issues related to real estate transactions.

Hemant Kothari is a respected and experienced professional in the property consultancy industry, with a reputation for providing reliable and effective advice to his clients, thereby building a family of happy clients over the years.