Indore Map

Indore’s rapid development owes much to its strategic location near the capital city of Bhopal, situated just 200 km away. Nestled on the Malwa plateau at an elevation of 553 m, Indore holds a central position in India’s geography. Its proximity to two significant rivers, Saraswati and Khan, has historically facilitated its growth and sustenance, dating back to ancient times. As a pivotal stopover, Indore’s foundation by Rao Nandlal Chaudhary, originally named ‘Indrapur’ after the revered deity Lord Indra, underscores its historical significance. During the Maratha rule, it bore the name ‘Indur,’ which was later anglicized to ‘Indore’ during the British colonial era.

Encompassing an extensive area of 3,898 km², the Indore District stretches from Ujjain in the north to Dewas in the east, and from Khargone (West Nimar) in the south to Dhar in the west.

Indore has burgeoned into a prominent commercial and industrial nucleus in Central India. Its strategic convergence of national highways and rail routes renders it highly accessible, attracting travelers from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Moreover, the city boasts an efficient public transport infrastructure, facilitating seamless movement within its bounds.

Constituting over 10% of Madhya Pradesh’s GDP, Indore has emerged as the economic nerve center of the state. According to a sector-based report from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, it ranks among India’s fastest-growing cities economically.

With a flourishing landscape of more than 25,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and a workforce exceeding a million individuals, Indore epitomizes a beacon of opportunity for many.


Indore is a city in central India that is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant shopping scene.Indore’s traditional markets developed around Rajwada in the mid- 19th century.The markets still stand and flourish today. Some Famous Markets include:

Indore’s culinary scene pulsates with a rich tapestry of flavors, reflecting a vibrant food culture deeply ingrained in its heritage. Renowned for its culinary delights ranging from the iconic Ratlami Sev to the quintessential Poha, the city is a veritable paradise for food enthusiasts.

Strolling through its bustling streets, one encounters an array of sweet shops, cafes, and restaurants, each offering a unique gastronomic experience. The aroma of freshly prepared delicacies wafts through the air, enticing passersby to indulge in the city’s culinary delights.

From the savory crunch of Ratlami Sev, a spicy snack synonymous with the region, to the comforting warmth of Poha, a traditional breakfast staple made from flattened rice, every dish tells a story of Indore’s culinary process.

Indore’s sweetshops are a testament to its sweet tooth, offering an assortment of delectable treats such as jalebis, imartis, and malpuas. These irresistible confections, often prepared using age-old recipes passed down through generations, are a testament to the city’s rich culinary heritage.

In recent years, new markets have emerged in other parts of the city. Currently, the major Hotspots for commercial offices and shops are:

New markets are developing in outer areas as the city is expanding. Some of them are:

These are just a few of the many retail areas in Indore. Whether you are looking for traditional Indian goods or modern products,for wholesale or retail, you are sure to find something that appeals to you in this vibrant city.


Indore is the fastest growing city in Madhya Pradesh, in terms of Business. People flock from far and wide in search of Job and Business prospects.This migration results in a huge demand for  holistic development of Residential colonies, townships and apartments in and around the city. Indore’s Residential areas are full of lush green trees, huge parks, wide roads and a serene quiet amongst the hustle and bustle of traffic.Traditionally residential areas developed as the city grew radially from Rajwada.
Some of the posh localities Include:

As Indore developed and became a business hub, the population grew strong and new areas sprouted catering to the need. These areas are witnessing rapid growth due to their connectivity, ease of access and affordability.
Major Trending Hotspots Include:


Indore has been a major Transport hub of Indore since its inception. Majorly three National Highways: NH-3(Agra Bombay), NH-59(Ahmedabad-Indore), NH-59A(Indore-Nagpur). Pass through Indore, making it an important junction of North-South and East -West corridors of India.Also Pithampur, (adjoining Indore) is a SEZ( special economic zone ) making Indore an ideal location for logistics related business to operate from.Proof of which are the very busy areas of indore full of warehouses.
Major Areas for setting up warehouses are: