An amount of Rs 36 crore will be spent, money will also be received from the state government, many proposals including roads will be discussed in MIC today.


A 100 feet wide road will be built from Aerodrome police station to Super Corridor via Chhota Bangarda and it will cost Rs 36 crore, out of which the corporation is expected to get most of the amount from the state government. Apart from this, many proposals ranging from roads and Narmada lines will be discussed in MIC today.

Municipal Corporation officials had recently inspected the road directly connecting the Super Corridor from Aerodrome police station to Chhota Bangadda Baba Resort and in the master plan this road is proposed to be 100 feet wide. After this, Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava and Public Works Committee in-charge Rajendra Rathore also visited with the officers and gave instructions to prepare its proposal. According to Rathore, the 100 feet wide road to be built there will be made a better road and with its construction, the residents as well as the drivers will be able to go directly to the Super Corridor.

Facility will be available. It will cost around Rs 36 crore, out of which the state government will give most of the amount to the corporation under the special package. This proposal will be placed in MIC today. On the other hand, proposals for two lanes cemented from Rau Circle to DPS School, culverts obstructing construction of service road and shifting of power lines will be discussed. Along with the proposals to lay storm water line from Bhanwarkuan to IT Park intersection and from Tejaji Nagar underpass to Pushpkunj Hospital, many other proposals will also be discussed.

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