At present, work on the metro project is progressing on the 5.5 kilometer long priority corridor. Recently, Dilip Buildcon also launched the steel girder over the railway line, on which the tracks will also be laid by laying slabs. At the same time, 15 coaches have also reached the under construction depot in Gandhi Nagar, which will be five metro train sets.

Now stations are also to be constructed in the metro project. Especially this station is to be ready from Gandhi Nagar to Vijay Nagar, Bapat intersection, for which the traffic diversion plan was also released yesterday. The road on both sides of Vijay Nagar to Bapat intersection will remain closed from 11 pm tonight to 5 am for the next 45 days. However, this route will be closed for small and big vehicles only for 6 hours at night and during this time traffic will continue on the service road. Small vehicles going from Vijay Nagar towards Bapat Square will be able to turn left from Satyasai Square and go from Scheme No. 54 via Rajshree Apollo Hospital to Nyaya Nagar to Bapat Square and beyond. Similarly, heavy vehicles will be able to go from Nyay Nagar towards Bapat or beyond via Satyasai intersection, Yojana 78 Tirahe, Yojana 136 intersection. Here, a huge metro depot is being built in Gandhi Nagar, in which the administrative building and other construction works have almost been completed. This depot has been built for the metro trains that will run in the Indore project. 5 metro train sets have reached here.

Source- Agniban

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