Work is going on day and night on the side, the authority has also started the work of double decker at Luv-Kush intersection.

• Indore.

The city will get the gift of flyovers at four major and busy intersections this year, because the work of these flyovers being built by Indore Development Authority is going on at a fast pace day and night. However, the obstruction of the temple at Bhanwarkua intersection still persists. On the other hand, the work of double decker has been started at Lavkush intersection, while on the other hand, the Public Works Department has also started on the BRTS corridor. Preparations for the construction of the elevated corridor, pending for years, have been completed. It has got the green signal only recently.

One lane of Khajrana flyover is expected to be opened in the next two months. While modern technology is being used in the construction of these flyovers, huge steel girders are also being inserted so that there are no pillars below. One arm of the six-lane flyover being built at Khajrana intersection will be completed by the end of May.

The target of giving has been kept as this intersection has also become very busy, where there is a lot of vehicle movement from morning to night. However, due to the construction of the flyover, citizens are facing problems. But just as the Ring Road traffic became easier in that area after the construction of Bengali and Piplyahan flyovers, similarly Khajrana will also become easier after the construction of the flyover.

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