An underpass will also be built, the project will be completed by December


The work of the new bypass being built at the dangerous Bakaner Ghat (Ganesh Ghat) of Indore-Khalghat Highway is going on at a fast pace. Now the work of a flyover and an underpass has also started under the project. The target is to complete the project by December-24. With the construction of the bypass, drivers will not get a straight slope while going from Indore to Khalghat, which will prevent accidents.

Due to frequent accidents, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had decided to build an 8.80 km long bypass, on the construction of which Rs 209 crore is being spent. Its work started in 2023. Due to the steep slope in Bakaner Ghat, vehicles going from Indore towards Khalghat collide with each other, causing huge loss of life and property.

Will pass once down, once up

NHAI officials said that under the new system, while going from Indore to Khalghat, the vehicles will first pass through the underpass being built under the existing highway. After that, at the other end (Khalghat End) the vehicles will pass over the existing highway through the flyover.

Going forward the new bypass will connect to the existing four lane highway. Indore-Khalghat Highway is currently four lanes wide, but in view of future widening, the bypass and the flyover and underbridge being built on it are being made three lanes wide.

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