The construction agency will be decided by April 15, with the construction of 6 lanes, 25 thousand vehicles will be benefited daily and till Simhastha, 60 thousand vehicles will benefit daily.

Indore-Ujjain 6 lane highway.

Construction of Indore-Ujjain six lane highway will start in 6 to 7 months. Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC) has started the tender process on the basis of DPR. There will be 2 flyovers and 6 underpasses on the 6 lane highway to be built in 44 kilometers from Aurobindo Hospital intersection to Hari Fatak intersection Ujjain. This will make all the main junction signals free. MPRDC has issued tender notice for this project last week. The last date to apply is 15th April. The budget is Rs 735 crore. It is claimed to be ready in two years after the construction starts.

This project has been prepared to ease the path to Simhastha 2028. At present there is a load of more than 25 thousand vehicles on Indore-Ujjain road every day. It is estimated that by 2028, the traffic load on this highway will be more than 60 thousand vehicles every day. In such a situation, due to having a six lane highway, there will be no traffic pressure. About 1 lakh population of Indore urban area adjacent to the road will also get relief.

The work of double decker bridge is also going on at Lavkush intersection of Indore-Ujjain road.

The present two tolls will remain the same, one at Baroli and the other at Ninora.

The toll system on the six-lane highway will be as per the current tolling. One toll plaza will be at Baroli before evening and the other toll plaza is at Ninora near Ujjain, which will be further expanded. The department can take action to acquire land around the toll plaza in the coming days. The entire remaining road has been designed keeping in mind the control area of ​​the highway. There will also be basic facilities like patrolling by emergency vehicles, street lights, drainage, drinking water.

Flyovers will be built here

1. Ujjain-Bhopal Highway Junction

2. Ujjain Engineering College Square

Underpass will be built here

1. Dharampuri Bypass, Solsinda

2. Opening of Sanwer Bypass

3. Inverted Hanuman intersection between Sanwer Bypass

4. At the end of Sanwar Bypass

5. Panth Piplai

6. Shanti Palace Square (Ujjain)

Wherever there is a flyover, a service road will also be built.

• Presently the highway made of 4 lanes will be expanded to 6 lanes under the control area by MPRDC. A service road will be built from Aurobindo Hospital to toll booth at the Indore end of the highway and from Prashanti intersection to Hari Fatak intersection at the Ujjain end.

Improve toll system, have separate lane for two wheelers

Indore-Ujjain 6 lane highway is mainly for Simhastha, because

Now many more alternative routes have been created to reach Ujjain. Be it Dewas-Ujjain Highway or the road being built from Sanwer to Chintaman Ganesh Temple. is the most important. Traffic management during Simhastha. There is a need to improve the toll system. There should be a separate lane for toll free vehicles. There should not be a bottleneck anywhere on the entire highway and if possible, provision of a separate lane for two-wheelers should be considered.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar


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