The metro project is being implemented rapidly. For this, work is also being handed over to the concerned contractor firms. Recently, tenders related to drawing, design, security and other works including fare collection system were approved. Similarly, elevators and escalators are to be installed at metro stations. For this, the contract has been given to the world’s renowned company Otis India, which will install about 255 elevators and escalators for the Indore-Bhopal Metro project and will manufacture them at its factory in Bangalore. Currently, these elevators and escalators have been installed at Gandhinagar station and Priority Corridor and in the coming days, as the metro stations get ready, they will continue to be installed there.

Otis lifts in many big buildings, elevators and escalators in shopping malls and bowing walkways at airports have been installed by the same company. This is the world’s well-known company Otis World Wide Corporation, whose subsidiary has won the contract for elevator and escalator installation for the metro projects of Indore and Bhopal. For vertical transportation, this company has worked at airports, railway stations, metro and other important places. Due to Make in India, the company has set up its plant in Bangalore itself, where these elevators and escalators are being manufactured. This company works in more than 200 countries as well as in various sectors. On the other hand, work on the first phase of Indore Metro is going on at a fast pace. The pace of work is good from Gandhinagar to Super Corridor, MR 10, Vijayanagar, Radisson, Robot intersection, while the contract for the elevated corridor from Robot to beyond TI Mall via Bengali, Palasia, intersection has also been awarded and now the central area. The tendering process of the underground corridor is going on. Many important works have been done in the five and a half kilometer priority corridor, including the construction of a station, where the installation of elevators and escalators was also done for trial runs. Recently, other technical tests including soil testing for the underground metro have also been completed.

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