At present, the metro project from Airport to Gandhi Nagar, Super Corridor to MR 10, Vijay Nagar, Radisson to Robot Chauraha is running at a fast pace. Elevated track will remain in this part of about 17 km and a trial run is to be taken on the priority corridor of 5.5 km in August-September this year, but from Robot Chauraha via Palasia to Rajwada, Badaganpati and then to the airport in the central area. The decision of the area is pending.

In the central zone, the stretch from Regal to MG Road, Kothari Market, Rajwada and Bada Ganpati is the worst affected due to high traffic density and the metro track going underground. Recently, former Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan Tai raised objections regarding the underground track and even announced dharna. Therefore, due to the protest of Tai, the Metro Rail Corporation has not yet been able to take any decision regarding the track in the central region. Since all the other procedures including tender have to be done in the second phase of Metro also, due to which MD Manish Singh has just started going to Palasia from Robot Chauraha to Bengali.

It has been decided to start the work on the elevated track up to 60 km, as there is no objection in this part anyway. Therefore, now the corporation will start the process including tender for this approximately 7 kilometer stretch, as the work is going on fast till the robot intersection and now the project has to be extended beyond that, so that the 32 kilometer ring can be completed. The work of Gandhi Nagar Metro Station was also speeded up and the depot to be built on 75 acres is also being prepared. The tender for laying tracks has also been given to the concerned firms and the work of laying tracks on the Priority Corridor will start from February next month.

Due to Tai’s obstruction, no decision has yet been taken on the central area, so the Metro Rail Corporation has decided to start the second phase of work on the other part.


Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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