Study on 30 years of traffic, passengers will double after 17 years, will be able to reach Ujjain from Indore in just half an hour.

Delhi Metro Corporation’s suggestion to the government

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has suggested to the state government that connecting Indore, Ujjain, Pithampur with Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) will be beneficial in terms of future traffic. This experiment has been successful between Delhi and Ghaziabad. DMRC has proposed three routes. Among these, Indore-Ujjain-Pithampur joint route has been said to be better. It will be of 85 km. 17 thousand crores will be spent on this. With this, the distance between Ujjain, Indore and Pithampur can be covered in about 1 hour. It just takes about 4 hours.

Actually, DMRC has studied the daily traffic coming and going from Indore-Ujjain, Ujjain-Pithampur and Indore-Pithampur and nearby cities Dewas, Dhar. Currently, out of 10.3 lakh people, 3 lakh commute from nearby cities. By the year 2028 this number will increase to 4 lakh. It will be 4.51 lakh in 2031 and 6.38 lakh after 17 years.

This is RRTSThis is also a high-speed rapid transit system like the metro. It is called Regional Rapid Transit or Rapid Rail Transit System. It runs on rail network, viaduct or underground track. It can have 3 to 9 car units. Its speed is also higher than the metro. In this the number of stations is less.

Will help in connecting satellite cities

Metro is intra city transport mode, while RRTS is inter city transport mode. This will help in connecting satellite cities. The speed of RRTS is designed to be 160 to 180 km per hour. The average speed is up to 160 km. The metro is designed at a speed of 80 km per hour. The average is 30-35 km. In such a situation, the distance of 85 km can be covered in about 1 hour. The journey between Indore and Ujjain will be 20 to 25 minutes. With this, instead of coming to Indore for a job, people will be able to go to offices and factories from their cities and villages. The system has also been integrated with the existing track of Indore.

DMRC has proposed three routes, said the third one is better.

First: Mahakaleshwar to Sanwer, Lavkush intersection via Dharampuri.

  • Distance: 49.6 km. 4.7 km underground 44.8 km elevated. 9 stations
  • Cost: Rs 8941 crore
  • Stations: Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain Railway Station, Nanakheda, Ujjain Engineering College, Saver, Dharampuri, Indore International College, Aurobindo Hospital, Lavkush Square.
  • Second: Vijaynagar to Pithampur, Rajendra Nagar, Rau, Mhow Outer, Pithampur.
  • Distance: 34 km, 13 stations, entire route elevated
  • Cost: Rs 6586 crore
  • Stations: Vijay Nagar, Palasia, Naulakha, Bhanwarkuan, Choithram Square, Rajendra Nagar, Reti Mandi, Rau Indore Bypass Circle, Pigdambar, Mhow, Pithampur.
  • Station: Mahakaleshwar,

Ujjain Railway Station, Nanakheda, Saver, Dharampuri, Aurobindo, Lavkush, Saver Road Industrial Area, Banganga, Lakshmibai Nagar, Marimata, Rajbada, Collectorate, Mahunaka, Dussehra Maidan, Annapurna, Chanakyapuri, Rajendra Nagar, Reti Mandi, IPS, Rau, Pigdambar. , Mhow, Pithampur.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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