The company started the survey, excavation will start from inside the High Court, 23 kilometers of the 32 kilometer metro track will be elevated.

There has been some delay in the work of the metro project. In fact, continuous monitoring was being done by the former MD, due to which a trial run was taken on the Priority Corridor, while other construction work also gained momentum. Apart from 22 and a half kilometer elevated corridor, there is about 8 and a half kilometer underground corridor in the central area. to become, for which now

* The company has started the survey. This metro will run in the middle of the city in an underground tunnel, for which machines will be brought down by digging a huge pit from inside the High Court and then a tunnel will be constructed inside, which will be constructed till the airport via Rajwada, Bada Ganpati. Some businessmen also had problems regarding the central area, suggestions have been taken in that regard also.

Indore Metro is being built in the first phase with a length of 32 and a half kilometers, due to which work is currently going on on the elevated corridor from Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor via MR-10, Vijay Nagar, Radisson Square and from there to Robot Square, which is That is 17 and a half kilometers long. However, work is still left in the part from Gandhi Nagar to the airport and the effort is to start commercial operation of the metro in this part within a year, because the trial run on the 5.5 km priority corridor has been taken by the then Chief Minister. At the same time, the tender process has also been done for the elevated corridor from Robot Square to Treasure Island, MG Road via Palasia. Only Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has to be given its approval. His After this, the metro will run in the underground tunnel from High Court to Rajwada via Bada Ganpati and then to the airport, survey for that also is going on continuously and the tender process will be started soon. Indore High Court has also given permission to Metro Corporation to work on its land. Its wall will be broken and a huge pit will be dug on the ground of the garden, from where the tunnel digging machines will go inside and then the tunnel will be constructed inside with digging and then this tunnel will pass through the central area and reach the airport, due to which any person above will be able to reach the airport. There will be no need for any kind of demolition because the central area is very dense and full of traffic, where construction of an elevated corridor is not possible. This is the reason why the decision was taken to have a tunnel i.e. underground metro in this part.

Source- Agniban

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