Will take block from railway and install it near MR-10 bridge

For the first time, the city’s metro line will also be laid over the railway line. First this work will be done near MR-10 bridge on Indore-Dewas rail line. steel girder bridge for have reached near. There is a possibility of getting permission from the Railways in December or January to install the girder above the rail line.

Sources said that three steel girders have reached the vacant land near MR-10 bridge. They have been constructed only after getting the drawing-design of the girders approved by the Railway Department. The total width of these girders is approximately 45 meters and height It is nine meters. Railways now install only steel girder over the railway line. Earlier RCC girders were installed. To install the girder, Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Company will ask for blocks from Ratlam Railway Division, which the Railways will provide as per its convenience.

Will give accordingly. There is a possibility that Railways will give block during night time, because the movement of trains is less then. Train movement will have to be stopped during the block and then with the help of huge cranes the girder will be placed on the pillars built on both sides of the railway line. Railways has got a girder made from the metro company so wide that three railway lines can be laid under it. At present two lines are laid there.

Girders are to be laid on the rail line near the Super Corridor Bridge also.

After MR-10 bridge, steel girders are also to be installed on the Indore-Fatehabad-Ratlam rail line passing under the Super Corridor Rail Overbridge. Sources said that the process of getting the design-drawing of the girder approved from the Railways is going on. While this process is going on, girders will be made there also.

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