First of all, barricading will be done till Khajrana intersection, URC Construction Company has got the contract of 5.5 kilometers, underground process is also going on.

The work on the metro project will now accelerate. Recently, the tender for the elevated corridor to be constructed from Robot intersection to Khajrana, Palasia via Bengali and from there to MG Road was approved. This 5 and a half of 543 crores.

URC Construction Company has got the contract for the 1 km corridor, which is now going to start work on this part soon. Now barricading will be done by robot till Khajrana intersection. However, due to the construction of flyover at Khajrana intersection, the authority has already put up barricades. Now it will be shifted to one side and the traffic at the intersection will be further affected in a few days.

This year itself, claims have also been made to start operation of metro between Super Corridor and Vijay Nagar along with 5.5 km priority corridor. However, the pace of work on this part also slowed down recently and due to the election code of conduct even officials could not visit. now gandhi.

The work of 17 km elevated corridor from the city to Super Corridor, MR-10 and from there to Robot intersection via Sayaji, Radisson is going on. Now an elevated corridor is to be built from Robot on MG Road till before the High Court. His work will also start soon. Along with this, 8 kilometer long underground corridor with twin tunnel from High Court to Airport via Rajwada.

Will be built, in which 7 underground stations will also be ready. The exercise for this has also started and recently the High Court had also rejected the petition related to changing the route. This means that only the underground route decided by the Metro Rail Corporation will now be valid. Metro officials say that work will start from Robot intersection to Khajrana part, for which barricading will be done soon. And then the work of pillar foundation will start. The construction of this 5.5 kilometer elevated corridor from Robot to MG Road has been achieved by RVNL with its sub-contractor company URC Construction, due to which the company will not have to prepare any new setup. Its costing yard is also built on the Super Corridor.

Corridor will turn towards service road before Bengali flyover

According to the officials, as per the decided design, before Bengali flyover (the arm towards Khajrana intersection) the metro corridor will be diverted towards the service road of Eastern Ring Road and from Bengali intersection it will turn towards Kanadia Road.

Will not work around Khajrana flyover right now

Metro company sources said that work will not be done yet around the flyover under construction at Khajrana intersection. Work will be done in the said section after the flyover starts. The length between Robot and Bengali intersection is about one and a half kilometer, but currently the work will be done on the one kilometer long section in two parts.

Source- Agniban

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