Indore Special Representative. The four-lane bridge at MR-10 toll booth will be converted into eight lanes. IDA has decided the agency for DPR. The work has also started. It is estimated to cost around Rs 70-80 crore. The bridge is six hundred meters long.

The four-lane bridge Mhow was built by Path India. This was fine at that time, but now due to the increase in commercial and residential areas in the area, the traffic pressure has increased. More than 50 thousand small and big vehicles pass daily. Mahakaal Lok after construction, traffic is continuously increasing. After four years there is also Simhastha. Therefore, preparations are underway to make the bridge eight lanes. Since the bridge is built on an eight-lane road, a bottle neck is formed at the mouth. If it becomes eight lane, it will be the second in the city. A similar bridge is on the Super Corridor.

Two lanes will have to be built on both sides: IDA will not have to put in much effort in building the bridge. Four lanes have already been built, the remaining vacant areas Two more lanes will have to be built on both sides. While making the four lane, IDA had acquired the land to take eight. IDA schemes are implemented there so there is no problem of land. Even while making the metro project, IDA had given information about its eight lane plan to the Metro Corporation, accordingly the metro has also built its own bridges by leaving the eight lane bridge. IDA is currently under contract with Path India.

Toll agreements expire. IDA will handle the work

It is tied because toll is being collected here. In the second week of April, he will be released from the contract and will quickly take up the work of the eight-lane bridge.

Mumbai company is making DPR: Mumbai based Technogen company has got the work of Detailed Project Report (DPR). Work orders have been issued to him. The report will be ready in two-three months, after which the further process will begin. However, the traffic system will have to be kept in mind because there is currently a traffic problem due to the metro.

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