Convenience • Outlets will also be opened in the outer areas of the city, 45 retail counters are running.

Now new colonies and townships on the outskirts of the city will also come under the ambit of Sanchi Milk. Indore Milk Union is going to appoint super stockists for the next three years for distribution of milk and opening new outlets. Super Stockist is being appointed on the condition that he will create more markets than last time and increase sales. Outlets will be opened through these. Indore Milk Union is going to appoint afresh super stockist or distributor for the sale of Sanchi milk. The distributor will work in Indore as well as surrounding areas. At present, 45 retail counters of Sanchi Milk are running in Indore. Distributor to CEO of Milk Union.

New retail counters will have to be set up after taking approval. However, these retail counters will be on the outskirts of Indore and in those areas where Sanchi milk is not available till now. In these areas he will have to appoint a co-distributor or sell the milk by delivering it in his own vehicle.

Two crore rupees. Guarantee money will have to be deposited; According to the fixed target, the distributor will be given only three months to increase the parlor or depot. Apart from this, he will also have to increase sales by 10 percent from last year. Otherwise, penalty will be deducted from his guarantee money.

Actually, to get dealership, the distributor will have to deposit a guarantee money of Rs 2 crore. Apart from this, he will have to transport milk through thermostatic vehicle. That is, milk crates will not be transported in open vehicles. Super stockists will get a margin of 15 paise per litre.

Stockist will change after 3 years

• The stockist for the sale of Sanchi milk is being changed after three years. Tenders have been issued for this. The stockist will have to increase the market as well as sales.

Dealership will have to start 25 new agencies every month

Indore Milk Union has put a condition for the dealership that the super stockist distributor should be registered within three months in the urban limits of Indore and its surrounding areas where there is no agency, depot or parlor of Sanchi milk, and in Indore city also.

The target is to increase the number of parlors to 100. For this, a proposal will be prepared to appoint 50 zone distributors in 19 zones and given to the Chief Executive Officer. Even after this, continuous work is being done to increase the number of parlors will be. Apart from this, if milk supply to any regional distributor or seller is stopped due to any reason or he does not pick up the supply, then it will be the responsibility of the distributor to immediately deliver milk to that area using his own means.

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