On one hand, controversy is going on regarding the underground track in the metro project and there is also talk of getting a fresh survey done. On the other hand, under the second phase of the metro project, the contractor company has also started the work of elevated track from Robot intersection to Khajrana and Bengali and then to Palasia. Now barricading has been started from Robot to Khajrana. The tender for this track of 5.5 kilometers was approved some time ago by Metro Corporation, which was awarded to URC Construction Company for Rs 543 crore. At the same time, the officials associated with the metro project have now claimed to complete the remaining work of 17 and a half kilometer elevated track from Gandhi Nagar to Robot at a fast pace. Recently, in the meeting held regarding the metro project in the presence of the departmental minister, a consensus could not be reached regarding the underground track and public representatives and experts advised to adopt an alternative route. Although changing so much It will not be easy, because the survey and tender process of the underground track is also going on. However, the tender has not been approved yet. On the other hand, there are also objections regarding the elevated track from Robot to MG Road and a lot of demolition after Bengali intersection and then difficulties in construction till Palasia-MG Road. Since the tender for this 5.5 kilometer elevated track has been approved and the work order has also been received by URC Construction Company. Therefore, he has made preparations to start the work between Bengali intersection with the robot.

Source- Agniban

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