Indore- Image of cable suspension bridge to be built at MR-10 junction surfaced for the first time.

The three layer flyover to be built on the city bypass will have important features in many ways. If seen from a distance, it will have a glimpse of Mumbai’s Sea Link. This cable suspension bridge, approximately one and a half kilometer long, will rest on eight pillars and a total 1100 meter long RE wall. An underpass divided into two parts will be built at the lowest part of the bridge, from where vehicles on Indore-Harda Highway will be able to pass freely. The middle part will be for urban vehicles and the top part will be for through traffic passing through the bypass.

Piling tests for the pillars of the bridge have been completed. This work will start happening more rapidly from October. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is spending about Rs 137 crore on the construction of this bridge. This bridge will cover Jhalaria and MR-10 junction. A 350-350 meter long RE wall will be built on both sides of the flyover and a 400 meter long RE wall will be built in the central part. NHAI has set a target to complete the bridge construction by December 24. Project Director of the department, Sumesh Banjal said that such a long suspension bridge has not been built till now on any national highway of Madhya Pradesh.

Traffic will start diverting from this month itself:

The project director said that after the completion of the piling work, the process of diverting traffic on the main road of the bypass will be started in two phases from October. First, vehicles going from Dewas towards Rau will be diverted to the service road. Then in the second phase, vehicles going from Rau towards Dewas will be passed through the service road. This arrangement will continue till the flyover is built. Till now the work was being done by installing barricades, hence not much activity was visible, but in October the work will see a lot of pace. The contract for bridge construction has been given to Malhotra Buildcon Company of Satna.

Underpass will not be filled with water…two sump wells will be built:

There will never be any complaint of accumulation of rain water in the underpass built at the lower part of Shri Layer flyover on both sides for prevention. Officials say that various arrangements are being made for this. Designer sheds will be installed on both sides of the under bridge to prevent water. from ground level to underpass

Two Sangvels will be made. The on-off switches installed in these will automatically turn on when the water is filled to the minimum level and will turn off automatically when the water level is low.

There will be 250-250 meter long water lines on both sides of the underpass, through which the rain water will flow into the cow drain.



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