The road will be easy. • By uprooting the asphalt and treating it with chemicals, the road will be made back from it.


The road from Ringnodiya to Dakachya will be built by recycling method; Indore and Ujjain-Dewas will get links.


Just as the road will be constructed from Tillaur Khurd to Tinchha Fall by recycling method, similarly the road will be constructed from Manlawada to Bhondwas from Ringnodiya village located on the Indore-Ujjain road and beyond Dakachya on the Indore-Dewas bypass. The work on this 17.25-kilometer road has been entrusted to Garg Associates, a Chandigarh-based company. The work on the road from Tillaur Khurd to Tinchha has also been entrusted to this company. The work on both of these roads will be done by the Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) method. In this process, the asphalt of the existing road will be uprooted, treated with chemicals, and laid back on the road as a new layer. With the construction of the road from Ringnodiya to Dakachya, a link road will be available between the Indore-Ujjain road and the Dewas bypass.


A Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Corporation official told me that the cost of the road will be Rs 20 crore. With its construction, the major traffic problem for the villagers will be solved. Some townships being built in this area will also benefit. This road will connect Indore, Ujjain, and Dewas. The width of the road will be 7.5 meters and will be made into one lane.


Preliminary work started on the Tillaur-Ticha road.


With this method, the work of constructing the road from Tillaur to Tinchha Fall has also started. For this, the machine will be called after the rain. At the same time, tenders will also be issued by the government for the shifting of electric poles and other resources on both sides of this 10-kilometer road. After the shifting of the power line, the road construction work will start. With the construction of this road, 10 villages in the area will be facilitated.


This is full-depth reclamation.


In full-depth reclamation, the existing road is made new by treating it with chemicals. This will be the first road in Madhya Pradesh to be constructed by this method. Such roads have already been built in Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. It consists of a large, roller-shaped machine that scoops up the unpaved road from the front and spins the crushed debris into a drum. A special chemical is added to this debris, and when it rotates in the mixer, the uprooted debris and asphalt come out, acting as a new layer. After this, the roller is rotated it to be well-pressed.

Source – Dainik bhaskar

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