International experts said the growth in five major sectors is better 

Indore has become one of the few cities in the country which have the potential to become the best metropolitan city in the world. The central and state governments are also now making efforts to take the development of Indore in the same direction. The special thing is that the industries here have doubled in size in 12 years. At the same time, per capita income has increased from Rs 34 thousand 442 to Rs 1 lakh 87 thousand i.e. five times in 16 years.

In this context, recently some experts also assessed the development of the city. European Union’s senior key expert Pedro Artiz also conducted a five-day study on the issue of making Indore a metropolitan city. After this study, he said that Indore’s position is very good in all the five sectors which are necessary to become a metropolis. All these sectors will be taken forward in the right shape. If planning is done according to the year 2051, Indore can become the best metropolitan city of India.

Housing, industry, human resources, transport and environment are the five sectors in which good work is being done in Indore. The state, central government and local bodies should coordinate and do planning on a large level.

Many big projects are being launched rapidly

Four decades ago the number of members per family was 6. In 2051, the number of members per family will reduce to 4. If a metropolitan area is formed, after 31 years the population including Indore and surrounding cities will be around 1 crore 30 lakh. For systematic settlement of this much population, about 13 thousand 500 hectares of developed land will be required.

Wings of development will grow from the airport

Metro work is going on at a fast pace in Indore and Bhopal. Expansion of the airports of both the cities is also proposed. Fast trains should be run between Indore to Bhopal, Pithampur to Ujjain, Dewas to Pithampur. The Economic Corridor is also being built in the right direction. Modern villages with a population of 500 to 1000 should be built between industries so that there is no burden on big cities.

Health tourism will bring good luck

According to a study, the number of employed people will be around 52 lakh in 2051. The work of developing small suburbs will have to be done from now on. Cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai are known across the country for their health services. Such big super specialty hospitals should be brought between the cities in the metropolitan area so that people from outside come here.

Income: Rapid increase in earnings

2004-05      Rs 34,442

2010-11        Rs 72,758

2017-18       Rs 1.20 lakh

2022-23      Rs 1.87 lakh

Industry: Employment of 2 lakh

• MSME and large scale industries were 2500 in 2010-11. In 2022-23 this figure will be close to 5300.

• 2 lakh people are getting direct employment.

• 5 lakh people have got indirect employment.

• 2500 industries are registered in the District Industries Centre.

• Their number was around 1700 10 years ago

The city expanded four times in 11 years

– The area of ​​the city has become 881 square km.

• Health sector was 250 sq km in 2011-12, 30 percent growth in 15 years

• There are 275 hospitals. 10 years ago their number was 145. Indore ranks second in the world in CCTV cameras. Indore is the second city in the world in CCTV camera coverage after Beijing.

Source-Dainik Bhaskar

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