Bhaskar Swas • Startups will change the face of real estate market, business will be worth Rs 8 lakh crore in 6 years.

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Bengaluru The trend of online property deals in India will increase rapidly in the next few years. With the help of technologies like AI, machine learning and blockchain, companies will get the desired home or office in just a few clicks. Proptech i.e. startups using technology in property are preparing to spend Rs 1000 crore on this in the next three years. Experts say that if these technologies are combined on one platform, then there is a possibility of seeing revolutionary changes in the real estate business. Let us know how technologies like building automation, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will work.

* With the help of data analytics, companies are increasing their online reach. Ashish Deora, CEO of Aurum Proptech, said that help is sought in identifying suitable buyers for rental and purchase/sale. Helps in reaching online customers.

Augmented Reality (AR): This allows potential customers to see what the actual building will look like after construction is completed. There is no need to go to different places for this. With the help of filters, you can give your opinion about your favorite changes.

* Virtual Reality (VR): With its help, one can take a virtual 3D walk in the flats inside the buildings and see each room and interior. How the baby’s room will look with all his toys and crib. How will the lawn look with swings and sliders etc. Everything can be decided in advance.

* Transparency-Live Tracking: Housing. Dhruv Aggarwal, Group CEO of Com said, with the help of these technologies, the number of customers on their app has increased by 43%. Ashish Deora, Founder and CEO, Aurum Proptech, said, will now be able to track property transactions at a single button. Every party will have information about every transaction. We aim to bring transparency, trust and digital transformation to the real estate sector through this integrated mechanism.

Service at a click: From floorplans and galleries to online tours                                                   company                                                             investment plan

square yards                                                          333 crores

Aurum Proptech                                                   550 crores

Spire Proptech                                                       400 million                                                                     003 crore

* The revenue of the real estate industry in the country is expected to reach Rs 83 lakh crore in the next 6 years.

Companies are using blockchain technology in building automation, floorplans, various stages of projects and client servicing for market access. Many companies have messaging services. This reduces misunderstandings

And the process goes faster.

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