The face of the 33 km section between Tejaji Nagar to Balwada will be changed for Rs 924 crore, 19 km bypass will be built

Bherughat, infamous for accidents on Khandwa Road, is going to transform soon. On the Indore-Adilabad National Highway, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has started the work of cutting the mountain near Simrol and making two tunnels (twin tunnels) about 200 feet deep. These are being constructed at Simrol and Baigram on the 33 km route between Tejajinagar to Balwara. With this, the length of Bheru Ghat will be reduced from 7 km to just 2 km. It is being claimed that this route will be completed by 2025 and Khandwa can be reached from Indore in 2 hours. at Bheru Ghat More than 20 people have lost their lives in three accidents in four months, while more than 60 have been injured.

Just before the start of Bherughat in Simrol, work is being done with the help of big machines behind Ishwar Dhaba. From here, two tunnels (twin tunnels) of 480-meter length will be prepared by cutting the mountain. The pace of work can be gauged from the fact that in the last 15 days, an approach road 100 feet wide, 500 meters long, and about 150 feet deep from the road has been prepared up to the mountain. Before this, the work of leveling the houses and shops along with the snake charmer colony on both sides has been started till the Tejaji Nagar intersection.

  • 480 meters long two tunnels
  • 09-meter width of each tunnel
  • 02 years time for completion

7 major junctions in 33 km
In the 216 km National Highway, the work of the 33 km package between Tejajinagar to Balwada has started for Rs 924 crore. In this, a bypass of 19 km, a big bridge of 80 meters, 14 small bridges, and culverts, besides one ROB, 7 major and 16 minor junctions will be prepared.

Vehicles can run at 40 km per hour
At present, the width of Khandwa road at Bherughat is 6.5 meters. Due to this, the speed of vehicles also does not exceed 40 km per hour and the fear of accidents remains. After making four lanes, the total width of the road will be 18 meters.

Relief from accidents and traffic jams
Accidents happen due to overtaking and haste at Bherughat. Recently 3 buses overturned and an uncontrolled truck killed four people. With the formation of four lanes, apart from preventing accidents, there will also be freedom from jams that take hours.

The Indore-Khandwa route will be reduced to 120 km
Four-lane works from Indore to Khandwa will be completed by December 2025. The 130 km route will be reduced to 120 km and will be completed in two hours. Shravan Singh, Regional Director, NHAI



Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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