“Change • Real estate is rapidly moving towards green building.

Bengaluru The scope of green building offices is increasing in the real estate sector of India. Bengaluru is at the forefront in this. Despite this city being almost half the area of ​​Delhi, there are almost twice as many green buildings here. After this there is Hyderabad and Mumbai. In the Indian real estate market, due to environmental awareness among corporates and investors, the demand for green building offices has increased, hence its construction has increased. According to KPMG’s recent report ‘Sustainable Real Estate: An Opportunity to Leverage’, 2023 saw a significant shift towards sustainability in office real estate in India, with green office stock registering an 83% increase compared to 2016.

Green certified buildings

• 61 percent of the total Grade A office stock in the country is green certified.

• The number of green-certified buildings increased fivefold since 2010.

• Concord Realtors raised Rs 225 crore. It plans to create more than 20 lakh square feet of commercial biophilic workspace in the next two years with an investment of Rs.

Number of green certified buildings increased 5 times

How much area is green building?

City                                                            Green building area                                      Area

Bengaluru                                                           14                                                             741

Delhi                                                                   7.4                                                            1483

Hyderabad                                                        7.2                                                             650

Mumbai                                                             5.0                                                           603.4

Chennai                                                            4.6                                                             426

Pune                                                                 3.9                                                              1110

(Note: Green building area in crores of square feet and area in square kilometers)

Green buildings are useful for environmental protection

Green buildings are those which reduce carbon emissions and impact on the environment. These buildings are prepared on the basis of biophilic design. Their demand is increasing as they help in conservation of valuable natural resources.

• Why green building is important: With the world in the era of global warming

India is also facing challenges like landslides, untimely monsoon, drought and floods. Sustainable development is a necessity.


Source-Dainik Bhaskar



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