Indore. City representative. After coming first in cleanliness for the seventh time, now it is the turn to improve the traffic of the city. The Municipal Corporation and the police are together trying to do better. Now T&CP i.e. Town and Country Planning is also going to become a partner in this. It has been decided to build three TOD i.e. Transit Oriented Corridors around the Metro network.

While there is a need for better traffic arrangements for easy travel on the road, there is also an effort to minimize the plying of private vehicles and promote public transport. This is the reason why BRTS was formed, on which I-bus runs. At the same time, the work of metro project is also going on at a fast pace. With the availability of cheap and convenient means, it is expected that people will prefer public transport instead of private vehicles. Obviously this will reduce the pressure of vehicles on the roads.

T&CP seeks objections and suggestions within thirty days.

Amidst these efforts to improve traffic, T&CP has issued information about the construction of three separate TOD (Transit Oriented Development) corridors adjacent to the metro network in the city. According to this, objections and suggestions can be given within thirty days of the gazette notification. Information about the corridor can be obtained from the offices of Divisional Commissioner, Collector and Municipal Corporation Commissioner including T&CP (Town and Country Planning). This corridor is from Devi Ahalya Holkar Airport to Indore Railway Station, Indore Railway Station to ISBT MR-10.

The flyover and super corridor will extend from Devi Ahalya Holkar Airport to ISBT MR-10 flyover. The purpose of the corridor is to provide ease to pedestrians. There should be more use of public transport instead of private vehicles.

Transit Oriented Development Area will include both transit stations and transit corridors. The Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) corridor will include all existing and proposed mass transit stations. Metro Rail, Light Rail, Mono Rail lines, Central Line of Mass Transit Corridor.

The area within meter width will be called Taada process. The area within a thousand meters width on either side of the central line of the area designated for Madra Rail, Light Rail, Mono Rail Corridor, Network and Bus Repeat Transit will be called transition area.

Experts say that the kind of information released by T&CP is not revealing much. If experts are not able to understand it then how will the common man understand? It is not clear what will happen at the places included in the corridor area. It is not known how tall the building will be or what kind of other facilities including parking will be there. In such a situation, even if there is any objection, it would be necessary to explain the TOD policy properly, so that people can know what is going to happen to them.


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