In the metro project, the work of 11 km elevated corridor from Gandhi Nagar to Super Corridor, Vijay Nagar via MR-10, Radisson Square to Robot is currently underway and by the end of this year, commercial operation on the Priority Corridor can also be claimed. Used to be. Recently, the tender for the 5.5 kilometer elevated corridor to be built from Bengali Square, Palasia to MG Road using robots was also approved, which RVNL has won with its subcontractor company URC Construction. This elevated corridor, to be built at a cost of Rs 543 crore, will now also be constructed by URC Construction. The company will also not have to prepare any setup from scratch. Its costing yard is also built on the Super Corridor. MG on the other hand.

The underground tender process has been started again from Baraganapati to Airport via Road High Court and Rajwada.

An 8.5 kilometer long underground corridor will be built with twin tunnels, in which 7 underground metro stations will also be built. The cost of more than two and a half thousand crore rupees has been estimated for this corridor and recently Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Tup Bird Naji

• The corporation had called for this. But some of the conditions of the loan given by ADB

Due to inclusion, fresh tenders have been called. However, it is also being opposed by some people.

On the other hand, an elevated corridor has to be built in front of Treasure Island Mall on MG Road, i.e. up to the High Court, via Robot, Bangali, Palasia, some objections have also come forward regarding that. On the other hand, Bhoomi Pujan of this third phase of work was also to be done by the Chief Minister, which could not be done at the last moment and then the election code of conduct came into force, in which now Bhoomi Pujan cannot be done. In such a situation, it is possible that the work on this elevated corridor will start after the code of conduct is over. However, RVNL and its associate URC Construction have completed their preparations. At the same time, some obstructive constructions will also have to be removed.

Politics has started regarding this also. On the other hand, the issue of changing the route of the underground corridor also started being raised, for which a few intellectuals have been put forward. But there are different political interests behind the scenes. But sources say that any change in route or alignment is not possible at the state level. For that, permission will have to be taken from the Central Government, which is not easy and neither does any leader of the state have the courage to go against the Centre’s decision. However, Rs 543 crore from Robot to MG Road elevated Corridor URC by the construction company itself Will be built. same in the past the company has about 11 Kilometer from Super Corridor elevated to robot Corridor has been prepared.

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