98 proposals were placed in the meeting of the Mayor-in-Council (MIC) held on Tuesday. A total of 200 crore works were approved. Like the last time, this time too the beggar center was proposed, but the MIC members objected, saying that the collector had also received complaints. That’s why the decision will be taken only after the report of the committee of three councilors. It was decided to make a ward-wise master plan in the city.


The meeting was chaired by Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava in the mayor’s hall. Commissioner Pratibha Pal, MIC members Ashwin Shukla, Niranjan Singh Chauhan, Nandkishore Pahadia, Abhishek Sharma, Rajesh Udawat, Manish Sharma Mama, Rakesh Jain, Priya Dangi were present. The anger of MIC members erupted in the meeting regarding the problem of water and sewerage. They said that the work for which one month is told, is not done even in a year.


Some Important Developments Include:

  1. Model roads will be constructed from Naulakha to Teen Imli, Agrasen Square to Naulakha, Regal to Madhumilan Square.


  1. Pancham’s Phail Basti named Sant Balinath Nagar, Balda Colony named Balkrishna Colony, got permission to plan a water sports facility at Bilawali Talab.


  1. Construction of road from Tilak Nagar to Goyal Nagar water tank, development of road from Annapurna Road to Ring Road, beautification of Madhumilan intersection.


  1. Corporation market located at Vallabh Nagar and Mhow Naka will be built anew. 


  1. PPP Model in Pipliyapala but an amusement park will be built.


  1. Construction of Public Indoor Sports Complex behind Subhash Nagar Zonal Office, sports complex will be built on vacant land for community hall near LIC land.


  1. Road construction from Gulmarg complex to Bicholi Mardana. 


  1. Widening of bridge from Janjeerwala intersection to New Palasia Industry House.


Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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