Small-town bizmen who are looking to renovate offices on the lines of large cos drive demand.

New Delhi: Small-town entrepreneurs are increasingly looking for modern office interiors replicating what large corporates do in metro cities, leading to jump in demand for workspace interior companies. From a local builder to garment trader and exporters, small town

businessmen are investing heavily in renovating the office with collaboration area, modern ceilings and open chambers Lightspeed

backed workspace interiors plat form OfficeBanao said 70% of its business comes from smaller ci- ties and the next generation is ready to invest in the ambience of the office. “We have received orders from Jaipur, Panchkula, Sonipat, Jam- nagar, Indore, Aurangabad, Indore, Kolkata, Bhuvneshwar, Patna and Moradabad, among others. It was an unorganised sector and the business owner had no choice but to go to a local vendor Through our plat- form, we show them the design and get the work done as per the demand,” said Tushar Mittal, Founder and CEO, OfficeBanao.

The startup is a platform for designers, architects, contractors, office furniture, and material suppliers and help in commercial interiors, starting from small office projects to large office set up. “There has been a huge gap in the office interior industry. There are companies who does interior for large corporates but a business- man from small town has the same ambition. We are providing them the same quality of service through our platform,” Mittal said. With the expansion plans of global capability centers (GCCs) in India, tapping into talent pools in tier-2 cities such as Ahmedabad, Indore, and Pune becomes increasingly attractive, especially considering the saturation and ta- lent scarcity in metro and tier-1 cities Amit Bansal, chief executive and co-founder of 91squarefeet said they have seen a 50% upsurge in inquiries from tier 2 cities like Jaipur, Lucknow, and Pune in the last year.

With the expansion plans of GCCs in India, tapping into talent pools in tier-2 cities becomes increasingly attractive.


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