10,000 players in the city, but no facilities; annual fees range from 15 to 30 thousand in private centers.


The expansion of the city doubled in 40 years, but the ground is still 8 to 10, according to the population of 35 to 40.


Indore, the capital of sports, is yearning for sports grounds. There are only 8 to 10 government playgrounds for a population of 35 lakhs, while one ground is needed per one lakh population. Religious, social, or political events are held throughout the year on more than half of the grounds. There are more than six big private sports centers, but here a fee of 15 to 30 thousand rupees has to be paid annually. There are some projects, like the International Swimming Pool near World Cup Chauraha, Bada Taran Tal near Ranjit Hanuman Mandir, and the Multipurpose Sports Complex in Rau, where the common man will get sports facilities, but these projects have also been incomplete for a long time.


Sports in every assembly area require complex planning.


The municipality has prepared a plan to make one sports complex in every assembly constituency in the budget this year. The assembly has also prepared a plan to create a field in 2 and 5. Play activities on open lands will also be planned. Action will be started on playgrounds and gardens. Pushyamitra Bhargava, Mayor


Indore is called the state capital of the state because there are about 10 thousand players in more than 20 games. 250 tournaments are held every year. Ironically, it will take 40 years to have 8–10 official playgrounds. In the next four decades, the city doubled, but the fields were not developed. There will be facilities to refine sports talent. There should be a playground for one million people.

Source – Dainik bhaskar

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