* Indore.

Rotary will also be built under the six lane flyover being built at Rau Junction. There is a provision for this. The flyover work will be completed in May. All work related to Pillar and Unnaiv completed

Have become. Now only the work of RE wall on both sides of the rotary and bridge is left. It is believed that after being ready in May, the Rau Junction flyover will be formally inaugurated in June and then it will be opened for general vehicles.

Six lane flyover will be ready next month

Rau flyover is being constructed for about one and a half years and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is spending about Rs 30 crore on its construction. Official sources said that for the movement of vehicles in the central part of the junction below the flyover.

It is necessary to make it rotary for ease of use. Rau Junction is quite big because Indore Bypass, Indore-Khalghat Four Lane, Rau-Pithampur Road and Indore’s Urban AB Road are found there. With the construction of the bridge, vehicles traveling from Indore Bypass towards Indore-Khalghat will be able to pass through Rau Junction without any disruption or traffic jam.

Mhow side RE wall remaining

Most of the work of RE-wall on Indore bypass side of Rau Junction flyover has been completed. Now only the RE-wall on Mhow side remains to be built. This work will also be completed in the beginning of May. Rotary will also be ready in the second fortnight of May. There will also be a lot of finishing work on this flyover, because NHAI is considering it as the entry point of the city and getting it beautified.

Source- Agniban

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