Authority got responsibility from Gandhi Nagar to MR-10.

32 kilometer long corridor is being implemented, in which the work of Super Corridor from Gandhi Nagar, elevated corridor via MR 10 to Vijay Nagar, Radian Square and Robot is going on. At the same time, in the areas where line laying and other works have been completed, to provide safety to the metro, crush barriers of 4-4 feet height are also being constructed on both sides, the amount of which will be spent by the Metro Corporation itself. But the production agency will remain separate. Currently, Indore Development Authority is constructing this fresh barrier in about 8 kilometer stretch of Super Corridor, MR-10 from Gandhi Nagar, which will cost approximately Rs 8 crore.

Indore residents are very eager to travel in the metro. However, it will take time, because the entire 32 km project has to be completed by the end of 2026. But efforts are being made so that business operations can be carried out throughout the year from Gandhi Nagar to Robot. Anyway, the 5.5 kilometer priority corridor is almost ready, where a trial run was also taken by the then Chief Minister. However, work on the portion from airport to Gandhi Nagar is yet to begin. Until this part is completed, there will not be many passengers on this track. Actually the metro project is being prepared in different parts. First of all, the elevated corridor is being prepared from Gandhi Nagar to MR-10, Vijay Nagar and Robot intersection. These days, work is going on at a fast pace between robots from Radisson. On the other hand, crash barriers are also being built in the areas where the work has been completed. Actually, these fresh barriers are being constructed so that in future any big heavy vehicle does not collide with the pillars of the metro train due to which there is a possibility of an accident. Due to this, crash barriers of 4-4 feet height are being built on both sides, between which a green belt will be developed. Just as greenery is developed in the central divider on roads or green belts are created on national highways, similarly green belts will be developed under the entire metro track in between these crash barriers. When the work is completed, attractive flower plants filled with soil will be planted in the middle by the metro company and then they will also be maintained continuously. Currently, a 17 kilometer elevated corridor is being built from Gandhi Nagar to Radisson Square and Robot.


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