Currently, service roads are being built in those parts where there was no road for 10 years.

Work started in July 2023

24 km length is

2 lane service road

To be prepared in 2 years

Rs 57 crores. Cost


Now the Municipal Corporation wants to convert the 7.5 meter 2 lane service road being built by the Municipal Corporation from Rau intersection to DPS on Indore Bypass into 4 lanes. For this, the 7.5 meter service road currently being built will be kept for one-way traffic. According to the current contract, for the 7.5 meter 2 lane road to be built, the contractor company is first working in those parts where the service road was not built 10 years ago when the bypass was built.

NHAI has given rights to the Municipal Corporation to build a service road on this 24 kilometer stretch from Rau to DPS. The main reason behind this is the large number of colonies located on the bypass, to which the Municipal Corporation had to repeatedly dig roads to provide basic services. Keeping this in mind, the Municipal Corporation had taken the rights of this road from NHAI and signed a contract in July last year to build a 2-lane service road on it. This road is being built by BRG Infrastructure of Indore for Rs 57 crore. Now a more detailed format is being discussed. For this, funds will be raised by the Municipal Corporation from Alang. The company has to complete its current contract by July 2025.

Asphalt was removed and concrete was built, 15 percent work completed.

Brij Goyal, Managing Director of BRG Infrastructure, said that till now 10-15% of the contract work has been completed. First we were asked to build a 7.5 meter road, after which we were ordered to build it in 9 metres. Now again it has been verbally asked to make the road 7.5 meters wide, because now this service road will be used for one-way traffic only. When we got the work, out of 24 km, 11 km had asphalt roads, but 13 km did not have service roads, hence the work of making this was started first. The asphalt road is being removed and a concrete road is being built. Where there was no road, work is mainly being done on building the service road from Rau intersection to Kailod Kartal, from Bicholi Mardana to Vicholi Hapsi and from Tejaji Nagar to New York City.

There are obstacles in working at many places

There are also obstacles in carrying out service road work at many places on this road.

On this road, the service road of MR-10 junction has been blocked to make an underpass.

It is likely to take more than a year to build the service road. The company has to complete the work by June 2025.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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