The city of dreams will get water every day, the speed of elevated corridor and ROB work will have to be increased.

60 percent work on first six lane flyover of Western Ring Road completed

Indore, which was known for its mills and heritage in the later period due to the rule of Devi Ahilya, became the industrial capital of the state in the 77 years of independence and also an education and medical hub… despite this, the challenges facing Indore have now increased. . With the ever increasing population and people coming and settling here from every state of the country, their demand has also increased. The city is expanding. Indore, once situated in the form of a town, has now taken the form of a metropolitan authority. In such a situation, it is necessary to come up with the city’s master plan and regional development plan soon. With time, if we get water every day of the month, then the speed of work on flyovers, elevated corridors and ROB will also have to be increased. For entertainment we have selected gardens or zoos. Indore is being called the city of dreams, hence there is a need to work together in many sectors to fulfill the dreams. A report on which sectors are those…

Master Plan-2035… should be implemented this year itself…

If the master plan of Indore does not come on time, there is a possibility that the development of the city will come to a halt. The plan which was to be implemented from 2001, happened in 2008 and ended in 2021 (the period for which it was planned). The new plan was to be implemented from 2022, even the draft plan has not been made yet. For this reason the disorganized development of the city continues. The issue of permission is stuck in 69 villages. The challenge before both the government and the administration is that the Indore plan should be implemented by the end of this year under any circumstances.

The work of more than 20 flyovers, railway over bridges and big bridges has started or is to be done in the city.

Traffic will start by the end of 2024 while some will be completed in 2025.

If all these projects are completed in 3-4 years, the traffic problem in Indore will reduce to a great extent.


It is necessary to prepare a regional development plan as well.

The promises of the Metropolitan Authority have been coming for years. The authority has not been formed till now, that is why even the satellite cities are neither connected nor developed. The load on Indore is increasing. Now the effort to make a regional development plan has started, but if this is implemented along with the master plan, then Mhow, Dewas, Ujjain, Depalpur can also be settled through planning.


The ranking you have been getting for the last seven times should remain intact…

In the results of the year 2023, Indore remained at number-1 along with Surat. This is our seventh award. Now the situation of cleanliness is worsening. If this is managed even now, Indore’s title of number-1 in cleanliness will be intact. This year the corporation will also have to make some new innovations, so that our number one title remains intact.

Smart City

Now working with own funds will be a challenge

Now Indore and Bhopal will not get funding from the center in smart cities. Development of MOG line area under re-development project along with ABD area, 24 hours water in ABD area, underground line, more than 20 roads around Rajbada including Subhash Marg are still to be built. It is still a challenge to do this work with our own funds.

New projects

Outer Ring Road, land necessary for industry

The proposal for Outer Ring Road has taken its final form. Now land acquisition is a challenge. Apart from this, the state government still does not have any concrete action plan to acquire land for the economic corridor and new industrial area. Farmers’ protest continues. Land acquisition is also a big task in the plans of IDA.


Bringing the fourth phase of Narmada will be challenging

After Bangalore, Indore is the only city which is dependent on Narmada water from a distance of 909 km. There have been three phases since 1978. Planning for the fourth phase has been done. Even during the third phase, there was a claim that there would be smart metering and water would be available 24 hours a day. Experiments were conducted in some areas, but not successfully. Now the challenge is to deliver water to the city, 29 villages and bypass not 24 hours, but every day.

ndore | 60 percent of the work on the first six-lane flyover of the Western Ring Road being built at Footi Kothi intersection has been completed. According to IDA, with its construction, the traffic of Western Ring Road will not only go away, the route from Ranjit Hanuman to Sukh Niwas, Rau via Dwarkapuri will also become easier. Currently, there is a heavy traffic load due to the absence of a bridge at the intersection. The length of this bridge, being built at a cost of about Rs 55 crore, will be 625 meters. Width is 24 meters.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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