Order issued • Earlier the price from Satyasai to Dewas Naka was Rs 1 lakh per square meter, now it is Rs 1.5 lakh per square meter.

In the guidelines prepared for the property of the district, the rates of not only residential but also commercial properties have been changed. Areas like Geeta Bhawan to Niranjanpur area, Palasia, RNT Marg, YN Road are mainly included on BRTS.

In these areas, the guideline has been increased from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 50 thousand per square meter. On Monday, the Central Evaluation Committee approved the guidelines of Indore. The orders reached Indore on Tuesday. Now with the signature of Collector Ashish Singh, the new guideline will be issued for implementation from April 1. Senior District Registrar Dr. Amrish Naidu said that the new guidelines will come into effect from April 1.

Current and new guidelines of commercial property (Rs./Pat.)

Location                                                                                                                                          Now!                                               This will happen from 1st April

From Satyasai to Dewas Naka intersection (on the eastern side of the road)                100000                                                  150000

From Rajbada to Regal Talkies on MG Road                                                                          96000                                                    127000

From Palasia Police Station to Anand Bazaar                                                                        80000                                                    100000

Race Course Road                                                                                                                        84000                                                      105000

Jawahar Marg                                                                                                                               72000                                                        90000

Anup Nagar Main Road, AB Road                                                                                            92400                                                       111900

Old Palasia (inside)                                                                                                                    105600                                                        126800

Scheme 54, Inside AB Road                                                                                                      70000                                                           85000

10 sub-registrars gathered throughout the night, then the guidelines were finalized.

According to sources, there was a situation of confusion a day before regarding the guidelines sent to Bhopal on Monday. Till evening the local officials were not satisfied with the guidelines. Following instructions from IG Registration M. Selvandrum, senior district registrars and sub-registrars gathered again on Sunday night. 10 operators along with a team of 10 sub-registrars were deployed. The AI ​​report and the sub-registrar’s report were again matched.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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