There will be GPS based toll collection • Tender for western part held; Gujarat company will build it for Rs 1938 crore

enders have been issued for the Western Bypass to be built from AB Road near Mhow to Shipra via Saver. Ahmedabad company MKC Infrastructure will build it in two phases. The 34 km portion of this Western Bypass, to be built in 64 km, will be from Mhow to Hatod. The second part of 30 km is to be built from Hatod to Shipra. The estimated cost for the first part was Rs 1048 crore. MKC Infrastructure submitted a tender worth Rs 996 crore at 5% less, which was accepted. The second part, which will be built from Hatod to Shipra, was estimated to cost Rs 942 crore. The company filed a tender at 6% lower price for Rs 884 crore, which has been accepted.

There will be 6 entry and exit points

NHAI opened both the tenders on March 8 and 9. Entry and exit points will be provided only at 5 to 6 places on the road. The entire road will be built like a partial expressway. There will be GPS based toll collection. The maximum speed will be 100 km per hour.

1. Cloverleaf Junction on Indore-Mumbai Highway

2. Cloverleaf Junction near Pithampur

3. Dumbal Junction near Betma

4. Dambal Junction on Saver Road, Hatod

5. Dumbal Junction on Indore-Ujjain Highway

6. Cloverleaf Junction near Shipra.

Compensation of Rs 1000 crore will be issued

638 hectares of land is to be acquired for the 64 km Western Bypass. A compensation of Rs 1000 crore is to be given in this. The road will initially pass through 8 km Pithampur, followed by 12 km Depalpur, then 20 km Hatod and finally 14 km Saver.

Expert view is what the city needs

• Outer bypass of the city is required. This will establish the new boundary of the city. For this, it is very important to ban construction in the control area of ​​75 meters along with installing marking and sign boards at all places. Proper planning is important to connect it with city roads and major highways. Service road is also necessary.

VP Kulshrestha, Retired Town and Country Planner.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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