Will connect five national highways: proposal ready, now talk about funding


The country’s second-largest ring road will be built in Indore with six thousand crores.


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has prepared a proposal for a new ring road to overcome the city’s traffic problem. The estimated cost of this project, which connects five national highways passing through the city, is Rs 6,000 crore. For this, three options (140 km, 145 km, and 161 km) have been given. The country’s largest ring road, at 156 km, has been built by NHAI in Hyderabad. If the project in Indore is approved from the first two options, then it will be the second-largest ring road in the country. In the third option, it can also become the country’s biggest ring road.


The NHAI project director gave a presentation of the preliminary proposal in front of the public representative, divisional commissioner, and collector in Residency Kothi. Divisional Commissioner Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma said that the project will be sent to the Madhya Pradesh government. Whichever option is feasible, we will send it to the central government.


There will be a total of 10 lanes, including 2-2 service lanes on either side.


Collector Dr. Ilaiah Raja T said that with the construction of the new ring road, new dimensions of development will open in all four directions for 30 years. According to NHAI, the proposed ring road will be 6 lanes long and will have 2–2 lanes of service roads on either side. In this way, it will have 10 lanes. All the junctions that will come will be built on the Cloverleaf model. It will be built in such a way that forest areas, water bodies, and other structures are least affected.

Source – Dainik bhaskar

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