4 months left for the the metro train trial run


50 percent of work of the stations on the Super Priority Corridor is completed, 30 percent work of the depot is left, and coaches will reach 345


The trial run of the Metro train on the 5.9 km Super Priority Corridor between Gandhi Nagar and Super Corridor is claimed to be done in September 2023. The Metro Rail Corporation has completed 50 percent work of five stations being built in this part. Whereas 75 acres in Gandhi Nagar


Up to 70 percent of work on the metro train depot, which is taking shape, has been completed. Officials claim that 40 to 50 percent of the civil work in the Super Priority Corridor has been completed. The process of purchasing automatic doors and other equipment has been started from Bhopal. Metro coaches will start reaching Indore in July.


Only one coach will be hired for the trial run


The work on the depot was started in February-March, but more than 30 percent work is still left. Only one coach will be kept here for the trial. That’s why work will be done according to the same preparation. For the rest of the regular running trains, it will take time to complete its work. A team of 70 trained people has been put to work on the Super Priority Corridor. The tracks are being lifted up with the help of a crane. 900 MT track has been received. 500 MT Tracked and more to come.


34.5 km track in first phase


The Metro Rail Corporation has to prepare 34.5 km of elevated and underground track in the first phase. The Corporation is working on a stretch of 17.5 km from Gandhi Nagar Super Corridor, MR-10 to Robot Square. However, at present the entire focus is on the Super Priority Corridor. At present, the work of laying tracks and station is being done.




  • Elevated and underground track of 34.5 fenit is to be prepared in the first phase


  • At present, work is going on in 17.5 km.


  • Trial run in 5.9 km will be in September 2023


  • 40 to 50 percent civil work has been done on the super-priority corridor


Tenders were also taken out from Kanadia Road to Rajbada


After fixing the alignment from Kanadia Road to Rajbada, the corporation has also removed its tenders. The last date for bidding is June 13. Many companies have shown interest in it. It will be opened after receiving the bid.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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