Indore Special Representative. About 15 new bridges will be built in the city by the end of 2024. Some are being built, some are in the planning. With their construction, the city can get some relief from the traffic problem. Indore Development Authority (IDA), PWD and Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC) have taken up the responsibility of providing so many bridges simultaneously.

Five bridges of IDA are under construction – IDA is building Khajrana, Footi Kothi, Bhanwarkuan and two bridges at Lavkush intersection. The work on all these is going on at a fast pace and it is very likely that four of them will be completed by 2024. Level 2 bridge at Lavkush intersection may definitely take some time. Actually, two bridges are being built one above the other at Lavukuch intersection. These have been named Level One and Level Two. Level one bridge is being built from Super Corridor towards MR-10, while level two bridge is being built from Banganga Road to Aurobindo (Ujjain Road).

Will go towards. The length of the level two bridge is 1.45 km and the cost is Rs 150 crore. The length of the level one bridge will be 675 meters and the cost will be around Rs 57 crore. Khajrana Bridge is being constructed with six lanes, three lanes will be operational by June. Its length is 500 meters and cost is Rs 43 crore. Work is also going on on Footi Kothi Bridge. It is six lanes. Its length is 685 meters. Bhanwarkua Bridge will be six lanes by combining three lanes each. The work is continuing rapidly. Its cost is Rs 47 crore.

Preparation of eight lane bridge on Khan River – IDA has made preparations to provide two more big bridges on MR-12. An 8-lane bridge will be built over the Khan River, while a six-lane bridge will be built over the railway track near Phagun Hotel. Another bridge is also proposed on Mhow Naka. Its matter is stuck in the master plan. The authority wants to build a six-lane bridge here. Work on this will be started after the width is increased in the master plan.

Flyover work is going on at many places including Khajrana Ring Road intersection.

According to sources, IDA plans to take information from all the six MLAs of the city about the need for bridges in their areas in the coming time and where it is physically and technically possible, bridges should be built. It is possible that at least six-seven more bridges may be built on the demand of the MLAs.

MPRDC’s four bridges

MPRDC is also constructing four bridges in the city. The total cost of all this is Rs 232 crore. A six-lane bridge is being built starting from Dewas Naka towards Satyasai School. Its tenders have been done. Soil etc. have been tested. Its length is 896 meters and cost is Rs 57.32 crore. Similarly, the other six-lane bridge is starting from Shalimar Township side and moving towards Vijay Nagar via Satya Sai School intersection. Its length is 746 meters and cost is Rs 57.84 crore. The six lane flyover to be built at IT Park intersection will cost Rs 58.31 crore. Its length is 830 meters. PWD is building a 855 meter long six lane bridge at Musakhedi intersection. Its cost is Rs 57.82 crore. Apart from these, PWD has prepared proposals for three more bridges on BRTS and sent them to the government.


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