However, the authority has decided to construct 11 overbridges in the near future, out of which 4 overbridges have already been started. These days, the work of the overbridge being built at Burti Kothi intersection is going on at the fastest pace. This 625 meter long and 6 lane overbridge is being built by spending an amount of about Rs 55 crore, which will also have a slight curve and with its construction, the traffic problem of the western region will also be solved. The contractor firm has to complete the construction of this bridge in 18 months. The pace of work on Khajrana Overbridge was also increased, where the launch of a giant girder of 45 meter span was also done on the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday.

At Lavkush intersection Apart from the flyover, the authority is also constructing a double decker bridge. All the process including tender has also been done. At the same time, construction of flyovers is going on at a fast pace at four intersections including Bhanwarkuan, Khajrana, which also includes the overbridge being built at Footi Kothi intersection, where according to the authority itself, the pace of work is the fastest. There are not many obstacles here. According to Authority Chairman Jaipal Singh Chavda, with the construction of this overbridge, traffic on the Western Ring Road will also move faster and traffic from Ranjit Hanuman to Dwarkapuri, Sukhniwas, Rau will become easier. The drawing-design of this bridge has also been approved by IIT and its width is 24 meters, length is 625 meters and the cost is about Rs 55 crore. There is no problem of encroachment and green belt shifting here, because the entire overbridge.

Since it is being built on the same road, the speed of its work and the size of the bridge can also be seen on the spot. Along with shifting the green belt at Khajrana intersection, it took time to shift Narmada and other lines also. However, its speed has also increased. There will be no pillars below, due to which the heavy girder weighing 160 tonnes was launched just three days ago with the help of two special cranes called from Baroda. The authority is getting its four overbridges constructed 24 hours a day and it is expected that some of these bridges will be completed before time by March 31. However, the authority has planned overbridges at 21 major intersections of the city. However, the Public Works Department is also constructing flyovers on Moosakhedi and Khandwa Road including AB Road with the funds received from the Centre. Four flyovers are also being built for the connectivity of the bypass.

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