The first six-lane flyover of Western Ring Road will be done, the soil test completed, and the design will be finalized in a month

The bridge to be built at the Footi Kothi intersection and will start from Dayal Guru Gate located on Western Ring Road, which will cross the intersection and end in front of Dastur Garden.The design will be such that no pillar comes at the site of the current rotary located at the square. This means there will be no obstruction in front of traffic going from Ranjit Hanuman’s side and coming from Dwarkapuri’s side.

The time limit for the construction of the flyover has been fixed for one and a half years. According to the authority’s chairman Jaipal Singh Chavda, after its construction, the traffic on the Western Ring Road will surely gallop. The way to go from Ranjit Hanuman to Sukh Niwas, Rau via Dwarkapuri will also become easier. Right now there is heavy load of traffic due to the absence of a bridge at the intersection. Even after the signal turns green twice, vehicles are not able to pass through any one lane.

With a cost of 55 crore , its width will be 24 meters

The design of the bridge will be sent to IIT Indore. If any deficiency is found, it will be rectified by the contractor. After getting the approval of the design from there, the work will start fast. The design will be finalized within a month. The work of soil testing has been completed. The bridge will be built at a cost of about Rs 55 crore. Its length will be 625 meters. The width will be 24 meters. The good thing is that the site at the intersection is completely clear. There is no need to remove any encroachment. There will be no need to shift the green belt either.

The advantages of this flyover

  • Western Ring Road will have its first flyover. There will be less traffic load on Ring Road.
  • The way to and fro from Ranjit Hanuman to Dwarkapuri will be smooth.
  • The traffic load on Ring Road from Chandan Nagar to Gopur Chauraha will end.
  • Right now there is a traffic tussle at the intersection. No need to wait for the signal to turn green twice to cross the intersection.
  • After the construction of the bridge, the crossing will become signal free in a way.
  • Drivers will save time at the intersection.
  • Due to smooth traffic and no traffic load, there will be no possibility of accidents


Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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