Bypass will save 30 minutes in the journey between Raghogarh-Chapra, this will also make the journey ahead easier.

Another big road in Indore’s account.

30 percent work of Indore-Harda 4 lane highway has been completed. The deadline to complete this project is by the end of this year. As soon as this highway is ready, traffic from Betul and Nagpur will be able to go directly towards Ujjain. Its direct benefit will also be available in Simhastha 2028, when those going to Ujjain will get an alternative route. Besides, the traffic load on Nemawar Road, Teen Imli to Naulakha will also reduce. Asphalt plant has been set up for this highway. Out of 27 km, sub-grade has been made in 22 km. A layer of ballast has been installed in 15 km. After this, another layer will be poured and then asphalting will begin. Flyovers or bridges will also be built at 9 places.

There will be connectivity with South India, IT, industry and film industry will also get a boost.

Indore-Harda 4 lane highway is very important. It will become an important link connecting Nagpur and Hyderabad to Malwa. This will solve the problem of connectivity with South India. Connectivity with Hyderabad will benefit Indore in IT industry, film industry, industry and many other sectors. Not only Indore, nearby cities like Dewas, Ujjain, Pithampur, Omkareshwar etc. will also benefit from this. This will increase the boundaries of Indore and the city will also expand. Traffic load will also reduce. Bypass will save 30 minutes in Raghogarh-Chapra journey. This will make the path ahead easier.

Flyash has started being received, work will be done fast

* The supply of flyash started 15 days ago. Flyash will be used to fill the slopes of flyovers and bridges. 12 lakh cubic meter flyash is required. Now there is no problem. The work will go faster.

Project Start in 2022 October Deadline 2024 December Total length 27 km Rs 1011 crore Cost.

Present situation sub grade ready in 22 km out of 27 and layer of ballast has been laid in 15 km.

From where to where starting from the bypass, it will meet the existing Nemawar Road at Raghogarh via Gogakhedi, Mirzapur, Begamkhedi.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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