Indore, Special Representative. Before Simhastha, while preparations are going on to convert Indore-Ujjain four lane into six lane, the government has also made preparations for the rehabilitation of many roads connected to this route. Some new roads will be built, while some will be widened.

According to sources, the files of these proposed roads have started running in the Public Works Department (PWD) and Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC). The entire work is estimated to cost around Rs 2435 crore. Out of this, work worth Rs 1400 crore on Indore-Ujjain six lane is going to start soon, its DPR has been ready. There is no issue of land here. While making the four lane, land was already taken for six lanes, however, some land may have to be taken for some small and big bridges and culverts coming on the way. This road is targeted to be completed before Simhastha. It is being made by (MPRDC). A few months ago, the corporation itself has spent about Rs 13 crore on the repair of Indore-Ujjain four lane. Apart from this, the new roads being built are being built as an alternative route to Indore-Ujjain six lane. 49 km parallel road – Another 49 km long road is being built parallel to the Indore-Ujjain six lane. It cost 900.

Roads will also be made two-lane as an alternative route.

It will be crores of rupees. Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation has been given a target to complete it in 36 months. Preparations are underway to prepare its DPR.

40.60 km road will be widened with Rs 125 crore – The government has asked PWD to prepare for widening 40.60 km road.

The road will cost Rs 125 crore. It will be ready from Chandragupta Maurya statue to Bhangya, Shakarkhedi, Jassa Karadiya, Bajrang Palia, Ghankhedi, Mundla Hussain, Shahana, Darji Karadiya, Guran, Jamodi, Simrod, Hirli to Dewas Ujjain road. It will be made two-lane. This will also be prepared as an alternative route to Indore-Ujjain. The target is to complete it in 24 months.

9.60 km stretch will also be widened – As an alternative route for Indore-Ujjain, the Public Works Department has made Alwasa, Muradpura, Katkya road two lane from Indore-Ujjain main road. Its total length will be 9.60 km and cost will be Rs 22 crore. The target is to complete it in one year. However, experts say that if the road from Talawali Chanda to Aradia, Ruchi Soya to Bypass is also included in the scheme, then the journey of the public can become easier.

13 new rooms will be built in the Residency – The PIU Unit of the Public Works Department has made preparations for the construction of 13 new rooms in the old and new rest houses of the Residency. The Government believes that due to the pressure of visitors to Indore, the current capacity of the Residency has become inadequate, hence it has become necessary to construct additional rooms. These rooms, built at a total cost of Rs 14.09 crore, will be completed in 18 months.

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