Indore Development Authority is planning to build a new ring road of 65 kilometers. It has been named Green Corridor. Lakhs of saplings will be planted around this new ring road, hence it has been named Green Corridor. Land of 30 villages is coming in this ring road. Approximately 3300 hectares of land will be required. This ring road will start from Betma Road and pass through rural areas like Raukhedi, Tillaur, Datoda and connect Indore Ahmedabad Road.

Authority Chairman Jaipal Singh Chavda said that the Western Bypass will also be a part of this green corridor. IDA has asked the Town and Country Planning Department to include this ring road in the master plan.

The biggest benefit is environmental improvement

Apart from this project, other agendas were approved in the board meeting. The board members had also called the contractor of the bus station being built on MR-10 and asked the reason for the delay in construction. The contractor said, the material used for the roof of the station is manufactured by only one company in Pithampur. Due to this there is delay. The biggest benefit of the Green Corridor will be seen in the form of environmental improvement.

It will pass through 3300 hectares of land of 30 villages, land will be taken under the Land Pulling Act.

Efforts to reduce traffic load by building flyovers at intersections

Presently, efforts are being made to reduce the traffic load by building flyovers at the intersections of both the Ring Roads. Apart from this, development work worth Rs 800 crore in two schemes, IDA implemented TPS 9 on 261 hectares of land of middlemen Hapsi, Tigaria Rao and Kanadia and approved Rs 800 crore to start development work in TPS-9 of Palakhedi, Tigaria Badshah. Is. Both these schemes have also received approval from the government.

Source- Dainik Bhaskar

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